Asset managers manage the pensions and savings of millions of people in Switzerland, the EU and globally.
As people get older, they need to save more for retirement. By investing and managing investment risks on behalf of pension funds in a professional and cost-efficient way, asset managers contribute to the health and sustainability of pension systems. Asset managers provide solutions that help to close the widening savings gap.

Switzerland has a well established pension system
With about CHF 900 billion, Swiss pension savings account for more than 130% of gross domestic product. This is among the highest figures worldwide. Based on the well established Swiss pension system, asset managers have acquired a lot of experience and expertise in managing pension assets.

Source: OECD. Based on 2017 year-end figures

Market returns are a key contributor
Approximately a third of today’s assets in Swiss pension funds have been generated by market returns (the so-called “third contributor”). Between 2008 and 2017, pension assets generated by market returns accounted fpr 33% of total contributions.

Source: Federal Statistic Office