August 2020

Jürg Fausch

«Hard work is the foundation on which success is built.»

July 2020

Christèle Clémence

«Carpe diem.»

June 2020

Christian Gast

«Swiss asset managers – more in demand than ever amid the coronavirus crisis.»

May 2020

Christian Trixl

«The winners in the asset management industry’s consolidation are those who focus on the human factor and innovation.»

April 2020

Erika Kessler

«What I especially like about data management is the mix of technology, data and a broad range of different market players.»

March 2020

Michael Sabbatini

«We should always do what is right for our clients and staff.»

February 2020

Yves Gutern

«Success is the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.»

January 2020

Frederick Widl

«The future of asset management is data-driven.»

December 2019

Sven Württem-berger

«Asset management never stops being exciting.»

November 2019

Nicolas Campiche

«Success is about more than just growth and good performance.»

October 2019

Stephan Kamps

«Capital markets reflect trends in society.»

September 2019

Dr. Claudia Emele

«I’m driven by curiosity.»

August 2019

Patrick Sege

«Great achievements are only possible with the most talented individuals.»

July 2019

Dominik Brunner

«A passion for people and markets.»

June 2019

Urs Ramseier

«Independence is a big advantage in asset management.»

May 2019

Mirjam Staub-Bisang

“I like calculable risks.”

April 2019

Andreas Jacobs

«Good education is essential for a successful career in finance.»

March 2019

Dr. Christoph Schumacher

“A clear value system and a supportive environment are the keys to success.”

February 2019

Stefan Bichsel

«You can’t be a leading institutional asset manager in Switzerland without a presence in the German-speaking part of the country.»

January 2019

Charlotte Bänninger

«A successful person is one who can put together a good team.»

December 2018

Paul Schibli

«Being able to deliver what was promised to investors can be considered as a good gauge of success.»

November 2018

Nathalie von Niederhäusern

«Private Equity - One of the most exciting of all asset classes in my view.»

October 2018

Stefano Zoffolil

«Performance measurement is more transparent for portfolio managers than for many other professions.»

September 2018

Philipp Bärtschi

"The combination of „science and art“ in asset management is unique."

August 2018

Francesco Franzoni

"Knowledge is key to succeeding in the digital age."

July 2018

Cédric Kohler

"The main principle that makes a huge difference in finance is discipline"

June 2018

Larry Hatheway

"Passion combined with a sense of responsibility is a recipe for good outcomes."